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Soft Edge PVC Coving

PVC Coving is a co-extruded product. It is made by extrusion of two kind ( Soft and rigid ) of materials at one time . the flanges of coving is made in soft material that sticks to the panels and make smooth and fine finish.

* PVC Soft edge coving provide a smooth and hygienic contact seal at transitions of wall-to-wall,
   wall-to-floor and wall-to-ceiling. It is manufactured from food-grade PVC and have flexible
   edges, negating the need for silicone sealants. Matching three way inner corner, two way outer
   corner pieces and end caps are provided.

* Colour options are available to match the existing decor. Alternatively contrast colours can be
   chosen to differentiate areas. Soft edge PVC coving are a superior option to conventional
   coving made from epoxy, concrete, insitu, stainless steel, aluminium, vinyl and wood.

* 100 mm co-extruded PVC coving ideal for use in cold rooms. This speed system is rapid and
   easy to install, and is available with fixing buttons on the ending caps to avoid wall drilling.
   This 65mm coving includes aluminum fixing rail and is delivered in 25 four metre lengths,
   100 metres in total.

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Soft Edge Pvc Coving        
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